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A Voice Saying Come Up Hither!

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A Voice As A Trumpet 12/08/2014

-Great Tribulation is come to judge those who're on the earth, so if the church of Jesus Christ has been looking at martyrdom since before Christ's Cross why are they left to be judged doing the judgment set to again judge unbelievers and apostate Christians, (Satan’s Seat)? What is clear Alex Jones is biblical prophecy which does indeed preach a pre-trib gathering of saints (Rapture), to be honest. Well, your overall deception regarding this matter is set in the rebellious confusion of counting the entire church world as one. Learn a mystery that is not, there is a church world Rev. 17, 18 chapters and a church bride, Rev. 4:1, 19th chapter, what you and this person of remarkable but useless interest are describing are tribulation saints. At present, so extremely distracted, they're the ones who eventually like the two witnesses, will be overcome by the anti-Christ, not the church bride, it will be captured out finally allowing Daniel’s Seventh Week.
-What is also biblical is Jesus admonishing the Church Bride to pray it's counted worthy to escape all these things which shall come upon the rebellious. Believe this apostle, as always Alex Jones, you're misunderstanding the difference between the Saints of the Most High God, recognized as those who are walking through the fire. Assuredly some being horribly scarred and martyred thereby at reaching the souls of men. Truly those upon which its Heavenly Father as promised has given commandment to snatch Them out of the way of this final rebellion. Hence, verses the apostate church, (Tribulation Saints), those at this time who by a curse of strong delusions by the millions worship abominable lives, lands and churches unto the wealth of the wicked (NWO, with a voice crying, "the anti-Christ will kill millions as millions go broke" 2004.
-Although are they those who doing this massive trial by the wine press of God, will massive conversion be brought about, at them then by the Anti-Christ’s wrath being slaughtered by the millions thereby said conversion. These are the ones Jesus describe at present as those worshiping Him with their mouth, even their church deeds, choirs, offerings but their hearts are guilty of being far from him,(Christ’s Cross Form of righteousness). Thus when Jesus tell this massive group I don’t know you, He’s talking to mass assembly which has forsaken sound doctrine and the God of Heaven in which it is founded and thus grounded, for God so loved The World..
-Unmistakenly, talking to this mass assembly of apostates further, He’s to tell them how He is instead return for a Church Bride, who is without spot, wrinkle or blemish, as they’re His and His is theirs, and thus they’ve been washed and made white by His redeeming blood enter ye into His Rest, that except a man be born-again he shall not enter the Kingdom of God, indeed. Yes now you understand why there is by satanic opposition and demonic possession so much debate concerning this blessed event. That it is this world’s father, Lucifer who will not only have you ignorant regarding this remarkable gathering together of God’s Anointed, but just as distracted. Clearly, until when as a victim you’ll find yourself unthinkably robbed and wondering along this seeming wilderness of abandonment and helplessness, though I say unto you, STAND (Repent!), and you shall receive A Crown of Righteousness, which the Righteous Judge shall give you, again I tell you, STAND, (Repent!).
-It’s both strange and sad Alex Jones, you laugh, when you are the one being mocked, thus I will end this divine response with this truth, the one verse of scripture surrounding Jesus teaching on this subject. That’s teaching, even forewarning that differing between a rapture and Jesus second coming is Matthew the 24th chapter, yes the very scripture you use to denounce such a biblical truth. Though the difference between the two is as simply as Jesus describing this one who is taken and instead this one who is left behind, with Him just as soon teaching of Himself, being seen coming on the clouds with great glory.
-Understand this Alex, one is describing the great gathering of saints, of the blood washed, bought, church bride, Christ’s Saints, verses those by the Anti-Christ reign martyred into Tribulation Saints, it is this blessed hope which is seven years prior of God trying the wicked on this earth. It is Jesus as promised coming for the Saints, when just as soon, Jesus is describing His coming on the clouds of glory with the Saints. One who hath wisdom would learn that in order for the Saints to come with Him, He has to first come and receive them unto the Marriage Supper of this Lamb of God. Evidently the Church Bride, having been caught up to heaven seven years prior is John describing a door being open in heaven and a voice like a trumpet saying, come up hither. While, John describing seeing this great number coming out of great tribulation, now washed and found worthy before the Throne of God, is instead His description of the Tribulation Saints, Beware!
-Thus all those who don’t believe in a pre-trib gathering of saint, I tell you not only do you not know Jesus Christ, do you not understand end time eschatology if you will, or God in Heaven, you do not know THE CHURCH BRIDE! Again, again, again, not the church world Jesus is rejecting because their sins remain, who because of their new conversion will be mostly beheaded, but the church bride. Those again, who’ve been washed and purified unto glorification, pretty much God The Holy Spirit manifested In Redeeming Flesh upon which not even the gates of hell shall prevail against. Indeed who do men say the Church-Bride of the Most High Christ Lord, truly is? Miraculously, only he who now let, will let, until he be taken out of the way, and then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall destroy with the sword of His Mouth and with the Brightness of His Coming.
-You're being deceived, the Anti-Christ is powerless, again he CAN’T even and will not be revealed, nor any prophecy that’s to follow his seven year trial come to judge all unbelieving mankind, political and religious assembly until the Specialty Saints are removed. Justly, until the Specialty Saints who pretty much allow the dispensation of grace to persecute and martyr itself, finding it glorious to suffer as it’s Christ unto the salvation of the souls of men, is taken out. It is so, the Holy Spirits are revealing unto you a mystery here, it all began with Jesus looking at the Prince of the Apostles Peter that day, unveiling Jesus as the Christ of God, and this Christ of God stating how upon said Rock (Sound Doctrine) He would build, HIS CHURCH! While unveiling Judas' clever, Satanic membership therein as Christ's betrayal being a picture instead of the Apostate Church yes, those left behind and horribly martyred for their true conversions to Christ.
-I’ve been born again in Christ nearly thirty years and they’ve been showing me, that’s causing me to see and experience this blessed events, even by Angels visiting me, that’s unto my visiting God’s Throne in heaven for this complete duration. Then just recently, the Angel Gabriel appearing, explaining how all fulfillment is upon mankind until the seventh angel, 2004. Amazingly with Holy Spirits describing how soon, and I quote, “how soon the Church Bride could be in heaven, (that’s escaping further persecution as she is by Christ Bloody Cross worthy to escape), looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints (again those beheaded for their testimony), as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them,” 2011.
-Concerningly with fear and trembling, is my testimony of Holy Angels verifying just months passed how they can’t wait to join the Church Bride (New Jerusalem), millennium reign with Christ here on the earth, 2014. As so, did I witness a look into a book, one bearing various names, those first and last, this had to be the book of life, this blessed assurance, 2014. This ministry, I call the The Rising Above Ministry, Apb, (The RAM), having so many visions of resurrection, did said ministry, my fellow questioneers itself, open upon this extraordinary event the beginning of spring 1986. Where doing a walk with my youngest son Darius Nigel in toll, was there an appearing in the sky, clouds, arms stretched toward me, with healing in His wings, commissioning me, us, Her to come unto Himself, Jesus Christ the Lamb Of God. FOR THE LORD HIMSELF, Behold, A Door Was Open in Heaven and a Voice like a Trumpet which said, Come Up Hither, Beware,Repent, Apb, The RAM, for blessed hope read here,,

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