Saturday, December 27, 2014

His Holy Ten Thousand

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-Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, "If I do this [evangelism ministry], it's good. If I die, that's good too. I will be with the Lord!" ~Gospel worker in India, voice of the martyrs …just imagine, plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyrs.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!


-For we acknowledge our transgressions and our sins are ever before thee, against thee, thee only God/Father, have we sinned and done this evil in thy sight, that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you judge. Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. See Psalm 51,

Behold The Lord Cometh 12/27.2014

-First, anyone telling the Church Bride there will not be a pretrib-great gathering of Saints are teaching a great error of scripture regarding this end time Blessed Hope. Secondarily, said, persons, God forbid, though you are an Apostle of Jesus Christ or an Angel from heaven, you are one who don’t know God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit (Living Word), nor the Church Bride, in this order. Scripture is plain like I share just below that there will be a pre trib rapture of what I like to call, the Specialty Saints. As many times before, how will the Bride of Christ return with Him doing the second coming, unless He’s to come and receive Her unto Himself first?

Behold The Lord cometh with ten thousands of His Saints, Jude 14, quoting Enoch, meaning His Holy Ten Thousand, meaning, an unlimited number…

-Third and last unto better revelations, if as many people were concern about the sin issue unto the salvation of their souls as they are the Great Gathering of Saints, the entire Heavenly Host would possibly do a dance that no one could learn but the Escaping Ones Themselves. Know, this, that separating the Church Bride (Ephs. 5:27), from the Church World (Matt. 7:21-23), and why this first gathering of Saint will be such a minuscule number is unrepentant sin (I Jn. 8-10).
-Jesus is not returning for those in sin, he died so that sin would no longer have a place in the hearts of men, which is again why it is impossible for the entire (whoring, abominable) church world to be in this number. Meaning, all mankind (religious assembly), must repent unto a sinless lifestyle (God the Holy Spirit, Gal. 2:20). Which is why this apostle say, your concern need to be surrounding the sin issue, for only the righteous dead and those living righteously (washed in Christ’s blood), will meet the Lord of lords in the clouds above, (I Cor. 15:51-58).
-We always make reference to prophecy that has to be fulfill before this Bride is taken, I have a better revelation than that, how about ending prophecy that can’t be fulfilled until after the Church (Specialty Saints) are taken out? The Anti-Christ unto Daniel's final week of years cannot even begin to be fulfilled until the Church Bride, Matt. 24:40-44, I Thess. 4:16-18, I Jn. 3:10, Rev. 4:1, Rev.19. not church world, Matt. 7:21-23, Rev. 14:, 17, 18, is taken out of the way, beginning with the at present great falling away. I tell you, right this very second, this is God's Heart, this is His Pulse, if Israel is His wayward Wife, the Specialty Saints are now Her proven by Christ's Blood this faithful unto all eternity Bride, beware!
-If you so called leaders of God's people will realize, given birth by the Woman's Seed the Church Bride is only second to Her Christ Lord where divine Grace and Importance is concern, this Christ Lord the Tree of Righteousness, His Righteous Bride the branches, with His very Blood flow deigning Her the Temple of God.
-Thus placing Her here doing great tribulation, is like God forbid, taking Jesus from His Seat at God's Throne and casting Him into the greatest judgment of sin on this planet since Adam's earth, and worse because He is yet worthy of God's judgment. Believe and Mark this Apostle, none of what we describe or that is described to us as end time eschatology will have its perfect fulfillment until She, the Church Bride is taken out of the way ending the church age until the anti-Christ, Gog and Magog and Christ Millennium reign!
-The Apostle Paul admonish us to comfort one another as we who by Christ's Cross are worthy to escape, will escape. You're to be clear, this is only a select few who're washed by Christ's Blood, no longer agents of sin, and are again found to be worthy of their strenuous faithfulness to escape. If you can't receive this truth then you have not so learn Christ Jesus and the Church He has by His own Flesh and Blood spilled. Flesh and blood, sin, cannot inherit God’s Kingdom, this is why all things holy and divine have been fulfilled in this Christ, all, quit the world (apostate assembly), and worship Him.
-Remarkably, there is a church-bride, (spotless, without blemish, robes washed in Christ’s blood), escaping with the resurrection of the Righteous Dead. There is a church world, who’s sin regardless of relentless assembly remain and remain, and remain. John, (I Jn. 3:10) separated the two by describing one as the children of God, and the other as the children of the devil. Astonishingly, how the children of God no longer commit or practice sin, so why would God judge them according to sin, if they, like their Lord Christ Jesus, are no longer found guilty of sin? Henceforth, Pray that you're found worthy (repentant, Holy enough), to escape all the things that shall come upon the world to try those therein, JCON., AWAKE! Beware, Repent, great is thy reward in heaven, Apb, The RAM,

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