Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Come!

For The Lord Himself Shall Descend

  -I woke this morning with one lyric of this song, going on and on in my head, simply, "I Come." Meaning these lyrics are used here twofold, those Repentant, coming to be saved from a damning fate from birth.
     -Herein because of this new birth,  life in Christ, Jesus is now come, this final, phenomenal rescue. Plainly the Marriage Supper hath made itself ready, the Spirit and Bride sayeth come, repent or perish.
     -Just as this single lyric repeated  and repeated, grandson Caden begin to tell me of a dream. How just last night He saw Jesus, that's with two Angels on each side was with Him, that Jesus deessed in all white  told him, that He was come to bring us to Himself.
    - I commented earlier last week how whether the Bride is ready doesn't matter the fulfilnes of time concerning it's outreach has reached its well prophesied finale. Clearly this is why for nearly two decades, 2001-2017, it's been warn an outbreak of mortuary is to be mightily upon the planet, surely without the Righteous protection, Beware, Apb The, RAM,

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