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Stacked Quarters, Double The Sin, Double The Trouble

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and thirteen 03/30/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Links

      -Dutchsinse, is the word I woke with, 02/27/17, though it's been a while, I know him as one who has a youtube channel. A special one where he share sometimes live footage of national to international earthquakes to volcano activity. (see the eruption of Italy's Mt. Etna since)

     -Remember the dream about the setting of fuel canister all in a ring, a circle, is basically the same warning, as so the pundit, of 99 bowls of molten lava. As so the question of which to happen first US soil, 2017, a Yellowstone eruption (1996) or an Asian Invasion (1998), The explosive song from the Movie Color Purple says, God is trying to tell you something, and I totally agree, master disaster is come, see more here,

     -Right before Katrina hit I was exiting the kitchen, when holy Spirit began to say and I quote, "everybody trying to go about a normal, everyday life, can just forget it! He's talking to you, to those who specialist charge are living a life of prerequisite of damnation on earth into eternity except they repent all this wickedness deemed this normalcy bias. In other words do lots of evil, right into what are out right abominations, what these identical Holy Spirits described as detestations upon your lives, lands and churches, this very specific. Clearly, its why Apostle suggested it all be pound into dust and like clay mold into repentant alters, just don't see the evil, don't hear it or speak of it, don't realize it's heinous trespasses against God, only just marvel in your greatness, the American Pretend.
     -One would then guess, like the September 11th attacks with thousands dead, such as other mammoth disasters especially US soil was only the beginning of sorrows, as in this literal scratch on the surface in comparison to what's actually come this September 2017.  Just now, while in the bed room listening to news I suddenly realized on the floor was two quarters, partially stacked one upon another. Strangely, I'd been in there earlier tidying up the room, ran an errand since then, didn't find them, the finding of odd quarters in the oddest of places only now double their indication. Understand, a quarter of the world, what the pale horse judgement will affect, the on I  witness come into world affairs as early as 2001, to act as a form of judgment on Us to foreign soil.
     -I know what you're thinking, what has America to the West done to make Elohim this angry at them? Simple, sin, the reaping of it going unrepentant for too, too long of it. Plainly into ignoring the call for them to return to God, just this ruin of not just a nation, but America being this world religious, to political, to moral leader, we're not just talking baptizing a nations of hundred of millions along damning paths of Antichrist s\rise, we're talking the world. Just to be honest if you still don't understand, then you don't understand the Genesis, remember, the beginning? All you survey, earth, the planetary being, the entire universe, I read an article recently that the Milky Way is moving, like it re positioning itself, these thirty years.
      -Immediately I thought, my Christ, that's since Jesus himself appeared in the heavens to me, suppose his or this divine intervention to interference the planetary bodies this beginning of spring day set the Milky Way on this mysterious path. You have to realize when a very intimidated Moses said, well asked who do I say sent me and hesitating not Elohim lamented, I am that I Am. Every breath of wind, every bird of prey, the trees, the mountains, the oceans and seas into everything and everybody that move, slither and creep about this earth. Every praise is to our God, who is long suffering toward us-ward, even why I, into the Church Bride are still here, because we, again, all things are created by a Creator whose not willing that any of us perish, commended His only begotten Son accordingly.
    -This apostle will tell you, don't know if there's any proof, but the falling out in heaven of God and Lucifer and a third other of the Heavenly Host. Perhaps has been about God's plan from the beginning to become a more carnate, as in human being of flesh, blood and living spirit. I received a word lately, which simply said, "it's under his wings," besides the Christ of resurrection arriving to a would be Apostle that lovey spring day who had huge white wings. Even that the Psalmist relentlessly testify and sing of God's Wings as to be totally dependent, as in there is no true authentic medicaid without these  Specialty Wings, I would yet have a time explaining, Jesus having wings to each of His sides, like one mightier than the Archangel Michael, and when He spoke, He only spoke one word and that one word was, Come, and that three times.
     -Though when I received this word, I little thought of this miraculous image of Jesus bearing wings, just so you know, I learn some time later, the prophet Malachi describes the Sunlight of God  as arriving with Healing in His Wings, (and the chastisement of our peace is upon Him, Isa). I'll be honest, and though all this is related, the first thing I thought of was the prophet Ezekiel witness of God's Glory now abandoning, like most churches recently this now Jerusalem Temple of sin. Further the prophet Ezekiel described seeing a man's hand, yes he was this specific, under it's wings. I see it as Jesus, even called Israel, explaining to the people of Israel, who keep throwing the founding fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in his way as this jurisdiction into justification of unrighteousness, though intensely angering them to the point they took up stones after him, when he cited, and I quote, Jesus, "before Abraham, I am."
     The truth, if we double the death toll of the pale horse judgement, said to be a deadly contagion set to come upon earths stage, this year of 2017. More frightfully, whereas Bill Gates and those assisting him are presently warning of a nearing contagion that'a to kill tens of millions in a years time. Only I heard in my hearing a death toll, totaling a direct sum of 50 million, now here this, not only a few weeks ago, but 2002 as well. Whereas March 27th, 2003, I prophesied of this beyond description lost of life, so maybe now you understand why I've labored these times as an outbreak of mortuary, even witness it celebrated as a special memorial day. Undoubtedly, this inconceivable event is no longer just coming, it's here, but as prophesied by a more than Noah's day angry God, double it's trouble. A quarter of the earth at present would be along 185 million, double that would be like 370 million, so is Apostle  prophesying an estimated nearly 400 millions people, mostly parents, (leaders of all makes and models), will be literally vanquished from the earth, the intrepid time table October 2017?      -To be sincere as always, God's wine press is posed to kill millions, as so the Antichrist, now when you calculate in nuclear war and the chaotic earth just an unimaginable amount of people could die in the next seven years. I've now had two dreams regarding double quarters and now a live situation only moments ago, these quarters laid more placed than fallen from ones pocket.  The first dream regarded seeing two quarters the floor before closed double doors, the second dream was in the form of being virtually stranded far into the past, this passenger, it's driver gone missing along a road hardly visited, where the tow to cross it's border was paid in two quarters. This I do know, as so did I witness, the video of  a youtube prophet who is predicting 20 million dead US soil alone, so if doubled, then we're talking 40 millions ten more than Gates, ten less than what I heard. Honestly, this is why apostle say, the only trusted leaders right now from Pope, President to pastors and parents are the one leading on the exodus along when, where and how the survivors of a Yellowstone eruption would've been evacuated out of this country,
      Actually, there are leaders who planned for this, for the worse that could happen, so since they halted Colonial Gaddfi's plan of a United states of Africa, where this world of war torn refugees plaguing all nations right now would've been welcome. Granted would then think their safe-haven now lies at America, and those allying them against Gaddfi's purpose to move a sorely damaged world into system no longer dominated by US man slaughtering currency. Then speaking of Yellowstone, it is here remember? Something even more cataclysmic than the palehorse judgment happen that then spin the nation,the world along this deadliest of epidemics that perhaps claimed ten of millions more. Volcanologist claim at the explosion of Yellowstone some hundred thousand of would die, yet if we place this death toll close to tens of millions dead instantly, and tens of millions more by this rider, this bringer of the deadliest of death toll, then we're looking at what is described in Revelation of it, a judgment that is double it's detriment upon the rebellious.
     -So the question is, though I pretended this escape these thirty years, I remind you, by prophetic parables, meaning most of it has certainly come to past,. Is their an actual place beside, after repenting  to Christ's Cross to which to escape? Well, I am reminded of Jesus after  He instructed His People Israel, and I quote, "for when you shall see the abomination that maketh desolate, (I believe for America's, the West, this come when they witness the legalization of same-sex marriage, so see all western leadership right now), evenly that they shall flee. I never considered it, but ask yourself, why would Holy Spirits choose an African American woman, rooted and grounded in the ways and formations of the Apostate to Abominable West to be an end time Apostle of Jesus Christ? I know you can argue how Holy Spirit especially since Christ' Cross have no respect to statue, ethnicity nor the Genesis design male and female gender, isn't also because nearing it end Supreme is to ex[press most of all nothing is impossible with Him, that he a;lone is God.
    -In conclusion, I related how I arrived back to my bedroom, physically overwhelmed after taking part in what could only be described as this manner of census taking, although there is a blessing here, there is also for those whose choice is ungodliness this deadly danger. Right before the slayers' of Ezekiel day were to be loosed, having no respect to age, but where to begin as this vicious beast lately at God's sanctuary, there this manner of cencus taking, this marking for life, by the ink horn man most bible scholar teach is an incarnate Jesus. As so right before Jesus' birth, and a mass killing off children with an attempt like in Moses day to kill off Israel's come deliverer, now was the purpose to murder it's newest Spirit, Prince, King, Jesus.
     -Of course is said manner of divine census taking to arrive to the point John hears the four winds being commanded to hold off until a certain 144,000 are marked for God's service. Now here lately, just as the Bride is being readied to be taken from the earth, and Satan's devilment's this as usual threat to God's anointed. Whereas especially there is a command that all parents be killed by a certain date, but not just so, there is equally the call that all schools be finished, into a warning that ours, even Us soil, is one poised along the nuclear fate which seem to have world leaders captured into the most lethal tug of nuclear wars yet. All now given over to the grimmest of reapers and like at times before, God nor man never changing, only being marked by the Lamb's Blood of life is to safeguard any sincerely repentant man, Behold, Jesus stand at the door and knock, if man any! Apb, The RAM, even see here,

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