Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Get Out Now!

     Article... Asked whether he had any helpful tips for Californians, Dr. Trowbridge said, “Get out now, while there’s still time. Failing that, stock up on staples like canned tuna and Coca-Cola, this has a long shelf life. It’s only a matter of time before California beaks off and falls into the Pacific Ocean.” Article...

Yours Is A Nuclear Fate, Finish All Schools, Kill All Parents By, 99 Bowls Of Molten Lava, Things I've Seen and Heard Since Trump, Truexit Took Office, Oh, And The Antichrist. (Seven Horns, Tens heads), In Great Prowess, And A Fury Come Into God's Face About All Of It, Beware! Apb

-I testified how doing a fly over the country, I was shown cataclysmic disasters that would happen nation wide, with the exception of the West coast, with California, it wasn't there, it was already gone. In the days to come, I've forewarn of approaching alike dangers, like a Yellowstone, or a Nibiru, even an Asian invasion all or one or the other is supposed to cause tens of millions their lives. So whatever you all were persuaded America is, it isn't anymore, God's judgment as forewarn the night of December 25th 2001, yes the same year of those falling towers, will, after a duration of 190 months be upon her with lethal results.
-Holding these warnings to be divinely evident is why Apostle keep explaining how they're all coming, and why America has been portrayed as nothing more than a slow motion exodus. Right into a giant maze of a homeless shelter where millions are shown patiently awaiting a single water cooler. Even then a woman bearing black bowls, (as in the seven vials of Revelation 16, the worse of the worse of great tribulations), approaches, surely any who remain American to Western soil are setting themselves up as sitting ducks. Those made unaware of being targeted by one extinction level event after another, God is judging the West's blood guiltiness found lacking and as Apostle has clearly, even on the throes of Jesus' descending Millennium witness, millions were dead US soil alone.
-I shutter to imagine Dr. Trowbridge encouraging Californians to watch the movie 2012, I want them to watch the movie Super Volcano as well, you see something as nation and earth-ending as a super-volcano is staged to impact Us soil in only a few months from now, like five or less, and 190 years were lost instantly. Though understand Apostle, never in the history of bible prophecy, have a nation like America been warn and taken such the forth-telling serious enough to get themselves out of sudden danger, yes as to abandon Western Civilization, if you don't, the Jihad you fight is with God, there will be death, followed by hell.
-I wrote the 2012 story in the late eighties, I created an exodus, and evacuated what I called Marriage worshipers into a world of refugees by Mega ships, (operable Arks, the Juttah Aqua), on and below water. As in the movie, into a New Africa, (see Col Qaddafi's attempt at this, a US of Africa), it was 16 years these worshipers birth year 1996, meaning by 2012. Being an Apostle of Jesus, I don't have to tell you, I knew nothing surrounding the specialty of this date, as well. Know this, that counted as coincidental isn't only Col. Qaddafi's attempt at a New Africa, but in the work, a black, African born male. like Hussein Obama, was the world leader at this time, only leading this world exodus, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here, as so,

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