Sunday, July 9, 2017

-And Christ Cross Stood This Witness Of This Bringer Of Death,

Repent Into Rapture, see here, 

    -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and ninety-seven 07/07/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

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-Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb
-I dozed into a sleep just now, 06/28, and saw the word "NOW!" like the word India, years past, as a blinking light of caution, (for the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?
-I dozed into a sleep about two weeks past, whereas I witnessed the word "NOW," being moved around like a puzzle piece that was brought to sit beside the word judgment, as in 'Judgement Now!' Beware as always, Apb,

    -Whoredom, Sodomy, Lesbianism, Bi-sexuality, Transgender, Queer and P for Pedophile

   -And Christ Cross Stood This Witness Of This Bringer Of Death,

   -I know just as Obama's Administration, so is Trump's, that we're all back on that golf course news reporters are following and  asking president Bush about Israel's right to protect itself, to steal, kills and destroy to safeguard their own interest. When just as soon you feel it, that spirit that you're in danger, and need to make as much space between these iron men and your families, your loved ones, as soon as possible.  Just as so, you felt it too, when President Trump stood upon a world stage and declared America safe and that it's going to stay that way. You swear it was then you could hear Jesus lament, when you shall see the abominations that make it desolate, (because that's what America is, it's lives, lands and churches), right into taking a stand more for the Antichrist at the legalization of same-sex courtships and marriages.
     -Evenly that when they shall perceive such evil as this, that's as a King Zechariah (see Jeremiah 37), denouncing God's Anointed and thus denouncing God, they're to flee, they're to run away from such gainsayers for their lives, their souls are now in danger. It's like declaring peace and safety all the while knowing instead like the golden days of old, such the cry followed by sudden destruction such is the command gone out of God's wrath, to kill all parents by, to finish all schools. Hence knowing, that something in the manner of an Asian Invasion to a Yellowstone/Carrington disaster, even having scientist baffled. That such cataclysms are set to happen in only months is probably true, you instead having millions in toll, like nations leaders, the days of the early prophets, you thumb up noses. 
     -Henceforth Trump's rejection to place the country on it's highest alert into planned exodus is possibly the fury regarding a Trump/Pence ticket we saw come into Gods face. Even at the cry right now, 'yours (Americans), is a nuclear fate,' when right before Trump's inauguration was this additional cry, (2002., 2017), that 'fifty million will die,' talk about the cause of having a contagion of heads of sand. Believe Apostle, this is the moment Moses is standing before Egypt Pharaoh it's greatest of Kingdom explaining God is commanding that he (apostate Religious to Political mass assembly, the great whore of Rev. 17, the Noah Ark to the little Miya girl in the room), let his people go! Only like the bible series Moses, He furiously declines by a resounding pride that He alone is God. So those supporting Trump, (The Truexit), just ask yourselves how far would you be away from this country if Hillary. (the Hilexit), had instead won? 
     -The presidency into America's entire Religious to Political System of iron men has a pending toll on human life attached to it. Definitely, that Trump as well adopted his entire administration into, this self appointed grim-reaper, bringer of death. Presently featured as a vibrate funeral reef set upon a once disallowing Russia and Trump this spreading of axis grease on handle bars, now this outbreak of mortuary tearing mightilystraight into the heaven, this mass death of getting after tens of millions, with Judgement and hell to follow, so clearly vain (even damning) is the help of rebellious man. 
     -Truly, without further controversy, this is the meaning of featuring President Obama, into just as soon, first Lady Obama and now the little Miya girl not only on Dunlap street (time done lapsed). All referencing itself that the end of Obama's Administration spelled the end of Western Civilization into an age of evil never seen before neither to be seen again, so there's no way America is alright, again Apostle say, there's no way! Though little Miya as seen on time done lapsed street was recently witnessed on St. Elmo Street, it's 1996, of Holy Spirits spending days explaining America's destruction, by a Rider of death, of a horror released from beneath the earth, (please see Yellow Stones, showing itself more active these prophesied days of America's end than it's been in over a half of millions years). 
     -Whereas later, I found the little Miya girl additionally on this street I'll call straight, it was plain costly desolation's had happen, that America was no more. That just this painstaking reality of being abandon by Christ's Bride just permeated the air, into a shortage of barely affording a fifty cent toll booth of this disastrous get away, still. Then before I knew it, it was like the days of Moses, I was standing God's Throne, before a Mountain top, just prior there was nothing but insurmountable celebrations in heaven. Though now just this amazing intermission, (and there was silence in heaven, Ad 92, Ad 1992), when the sunlight, in all of it's glory emerged and just as soon spoke, "let my people go," like I told my eldest son lately, there is never a time God isn't God
     -Equally as I said, like the days if Moses, only now especially not only is God's Wine Press staged to cancel out millions, as not counting the millions Antichrist will finishSeem to begin Us soil, 21 master disasters to unforeseen ever cataclysms are upon all rebellious men, this is where you read how Angels were sent to hold back the four winds, that's to keep them subservient until God's Anointed were sealed. This apostle contend, you can still hear baffled by Him early disciples lamenting, "how even the wind obey Him!" I woke here lately, completely blasted by a divine census taking, the Lambs book of life (Rev. 20), was open and magnanimously a roll call was being made out of it. Needlessly to necessarily right into Ezekiel's day that whosoever wasn't marked by the Ink-horn man (in Moses day it was the door post, marked by a certain Lamb's blood and now presently, the Lamb's book of life).
     -Those not marked by the ink-horn man, are instead to be mercilessly slain by Reapers having no respect to person, age nor gender. Herein whosoever name wasn't found written in the Lamb's book of life, went on to be cast into the lake, which burns with fire, when in turn make getting to Christ's Cross, crying aloud right now, get ye to repentant alters God is avenging martyred blood, another end time prophecy fulfilled. Leaving me to think, easily, now listen closely, doing the dream of the Leopard Skin Coat of mass distraction, the white man I witnessed tossed into a bed was Trump, or simply America, it's Government. The point, the millions, even these restroom transgender brawls right now distracted by Trump's  America were the ones I witnessed sorely stranded. Jesus had come in, this specialty bridegroom among them and carried the Bride off and by the Millions they were left greatly bedazzled atop Trump Towers. 
     -Thus the two visions lately of the word "NOW!" This abrupt reminder how all this pouring out of one catastrophe after another is happening now, as in right now. Curious some may ask why? To put it plainly, the great day of God wrath is come, meaning the end of the Dispensation of grace, the church age and thus Western Civilization. All are being summoned to repent or not only perish but be tossed into an Era of one extinction level event after another until all rebellion is finished which could spell the unthinkable torture and deaths of billions. For especially Syrian leaders are warning westerners they're already in WW3. as so Putin himself, now this hand sake felt around the world, at a time recently warn how tremendously Americans were being kept in the dark. Adamantly that China, yet having it's millions practice drills as well warn that such clueless Americans wake up to what's really going on. Perhaps the miraculous into the Rapture, Evacuations and Exodus is the staggering actuality of  knowing the opposite is clearly true.
    -Evidently, that Trump standing before the masses, giving an all clear that is America is to be treated as the 'Red Alert,' this fake news of this ultimate false flag, that you get you and yours out of it and how fast. One would then think, with much concern that is it North Korea missile testes, the wake up call of a harsh reality of our new normal that Trump's America is the new fear factor; whereas only the repentant on this nan-o-second of a countdown are the only ones standing and staying at the ready. Truly, timing is everything, this G 20 summit has as well been scheduled 07/07/2017, this reminder of these end times, exactly two years to the month and date 06/26/2015-07/06/2015, of the demonstration of the rapture's estimated time of escape of September 23-25th, the end of the two weeks and seven years of Obama's that now pointed out a pending Cameron, Brexit, the beginning to the end of Western Civilization into an at present revised European Union/Antichrist reign, awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM.

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